Repair, maintenance and service of the sewing and embroidery machines
Your professional sewing machine technician in the Upper Rhine region


Our Know-How

Our professionals repair, maintain and service both, household and industrial sewing and embroidery machines of all makers.

Easy service

You can bring your sewing machine to our workshop in CH-8238 Büsingen yourself or have it delivered >door-to-door< by our logistic partner DPD Suisse.


We provide a 2 month warranty for household sewing machines repaired by us. For items with remaining factory warranty it remains in full force and is unaffected.

Purchasing advice

We would be delighted to provide personal advice on the proper application and use of your household sewing and embroidery machines.

We sell

Household sewing and embroidery machines along with appropriate accessories and embroidery software of most brands available on the market.



Please e-mail or contact us by phone in case any problems have occurred with your sewing machine.


You have a choice: either you bring the defect sewing machine to our workshop in CH-8238 Büsingen or benefit from round delivery through our logistic partner DPD Switzerland as a >door-to-door< solution.


We conduct a comprehensive fault diagnosis of the sewing machine and let you know the result. On your request we will prepare case quotation. You decide whether you are interested in our service or prefer to have it repaired by a third party.


We will repair your sewing machine and the final invoice will be shipped to you.


You pay and then you can pick up the machine by yourself or let DPD Suisse bring it back to your door.


You benefit from our expertise and enjoy working on your machine. From now on you have 1 month warranty for our repair service.


Where is your workshop located?

We maintain our workshop in CH-8238 Büsingen.

Is any point of collection in my area? | Wieslestrasse 33 | CH-8238 Büsingen

I no longer have an original packaging. What do I do now?

We can't provide replacement packaging, but any suitable durable used cartonage with upholstery material would be secure enough for shipment of your machine to us.

My sewing machine still has remaining warranty. Do I have to pay for repair or service check?

No. For all sewing machines which a) have been bought in our shop and b) are still under warranty, you neither have to pay for check/service nor for repair.

May I bring my sewing machine to you personally?

Yes, of course, any time! You are welcome in our workshop in CH-8238 Büsingen. Please consider our business hours.

What are your business hours?

You can reach our workshop in CH-8238 Büsingen from Monday to Friday at 10 - 12 am and 2 - 5 pm. Appointments out of business hours are only given by prior agreement.

Do you have spare parts in the stock?

We carry most frequently needed spare parts in our stock for the following brands: Janome, Brother, Bernina and Pfaff. For other models, however, we need to procure them from our suppliers first, which may cause extended repair times.

Do you offer trade-in when buying new machines?

Occasionally we carry out trade-in actions for all type of the Bernina machines. Please take a look at our webpage for announcements. However, due to a variety of factors regarding the machine's conditions and the kind of machine, we decide whether we are able to trade-in a machine or not individually in every single case.

How much do I need to pay for your service?

Our services are usually charged according to time spent on repair. The hourly rate is CHF 100.00 for household sewing machines, and, CHF 150.00 for industrial sewing and embroidery machines, independently of the type of works performed or services rendered. For (inspection) check of sewing machine we charge front-end payment of CHF 60.00. If you place order with us, this amount will be deducted from the total sum. On your request we'll provide you case quotation, whereupon you'll get a clear picture whether the price meets your expectations or not. All stated prices are gross.

How much is a shipment via DPD including insurance cover?

DPD bring and pick-up service will be CHF 25.00. All parcels going via DPD have inssurance cover CHF 1000.00 by default. There will be no any additional insurance coverage offered.

How do you calculate the price for the repair service?

For machines without warranty we calculate as follows: the hourly rate multiplied with the time spent for repair work plus cost of spare parts. We deduct the costs of the (inspection) check from the total amount.

Do you offer warranty for your repair service?

Yes we do. Our work is of course subject to legal requirements. For all sewing machines bought at our (online) shop, the warranty protection will be in force till the end of the warranty period. All services, checks and repairs for these machines are free of charge. For machines, we have repaired, after legal warranty, we grant warranty of 6 month for the concerned work and spare parts.

Which models do you accept for repair or service?

We generally accept all common brands available on the market. Our know-how mainly covers following manufacturers: Brother, Janome, Bernina, Pfaff, Elna, Husqvarna, Singer, Gritzner, Necchi etc.

How much time do I have to plan for repair?

You should expect that your machine will be with us for 10-15 working days. It depends on a brand, workload and procurement of the needed spare parts.

I have my own spare parts for my machine. I would like to have them built into the machine.

No, unfortunately that is not possible due to warranty terms. We only use spare parts provided by reliable sources which we represent.

I have an old used machine which I would like to sell off. Would you be you interested in?

Please get in touch with us and let us discuss it more detailed.


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    Sie holten meine Bernina in Winkeln persönlich ab, das war Montag, am Freitag brachten Sie sie wieder nach Winkeln...Revidiert und in einer so kurzer war super, dann habe ich auch noch 6 Monaten Garantie... Habe Sie, die Nähmaschine am Samstag ausprobiert, wirklich alles, sie läuft wieder super,, was genial ist, ich bezahlte die Hälfte, von dem was hier bei der Bernina verlangt wurde....ich möchte es allen empfehlen...bei diesem Nähmaschinendoktor, die Nähmaschine zu bringen...

    Zitta Abderhalden, Winkeln, SG

    Vielen Dank für die Reparatur meiner Industrienähmaschine. Bin zufrieden!

    Sabine Lohwasser, Meersburg



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